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How Woman Golfers Can Qualify For Cheap Car Insurance For Ladies

”The what is broken where and it does what?” You know what, never mind that question; “can you fix it?” You can, good, let me call my (insert father, brother, husband, best friend, etc. here as necessary). Next thing you know, your phone call doesn’t get answered and you’re agreeing to some work you don’t know if you need. You get home and find out two things: you didn’t need the work done immediately and you paid too much for it. Ever had one of those days?

Not so with your insurance! So girls, let me tell you the good news: car insurance for ladies is often cheaper. Why you ask? We are deemed safer drivers, of course! So the next time a passenger in your car mentions, “must have been a woman” when someone makes a driving mistake, rest assured we make less of them. We tend to drive slower, wait more patiently at lights, stop signs, and intersections, and make more defensive, safer decisions in a tough spot.

How can you be sure you’re getting the best deal on ladies car insurance?


Shop around, of course! And who doesn’t love shopping? Oh wait – different kind of shopping. No, I don’t like shopping for car insurance either, but it’s a necessary evil. Rates can vary up to $500 for a six-month period. That’s a lot of variation. Basically – don’t make the same mistake I did and use the same insurance company your parents did, just because your parents did. Shop around – I’ve saved a ton of money since I game up Mom and Dad’s insurance company.

Qualifying for cheap car insurance for ladies may be one of the few times woman can get an advantage in the automotive industry! How many times have you walked into the mechanics shop, or the tire shop, and the guy standing there rattles off something that makes no sense?

car insurance for ladies

One discount Mom didn’t tell me about


You must, must, must, call your insurance agent the day after you get home from your honeymoon. No, I’m not joking. Most insurance companies will give you a better rate once your married – if you’re going to combine policies then you’ll also get a multi-car discount. I had no idea that getting married would make a difference and didn’t tell my agent for 6 months! I could have been saving $20 a month for six months!


Car insurance for ladies – proof that we are, in fact, the better and safer drivers!


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