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It has been said that womens golf visors are a new twist on an old fashion style. Sun visors are a modern form of sun cap, or sun hat, yet this 20th century invention is perhaps the most simple and functional of sun shields. The popularity of womens golf visors has skyrocketed the past few years for good reason. Womens golf visors are easy to pack and weigh almost nothing.

Sun visors for lady golfers fit into the category of practical golfing accessories. Womens golf visors are designed to provide the lady golfer with some protection from UV rays and shade the eyes from glare when hitting directly into the sun. Other golfing accessories in the practical category include: sunglasses, caps, head covers, and umbrellas.

Even the more traditional golfing cap has undergone an update in styling. There is now a range of styles, colors and fabrics to choose from. The loud plaid patterns, or dull grays, are no longer the only choice. Lady golfers can select from bright colors, pastels, beiges, blacks, florals, patterns, stripes and deep earthy tones. The same designer choice has flowed through to womens golf visor styles.

Sun visors are popular among lady golfers because, not only do they shield the eyes and protecting the face from harmful UV rays, womens golf visors avoid the “hat head” look.

So, ladies golf visors are not only practical, they are fashionable too. Sun visors range from about $10 through to $150 for quality designer labels. Here is a selection of womens golf visors to consider.

The Helen Kaminski Sancha is the elegant answer to a long bill ball cap. The 5" high round crown is constructed from a fine grade raffia from Madagascar. The hand-crochet stitch that has no interior knots, therefore providing extreme comfort. The Irish linen bill/visor is 5 3/4" wide, shields the lady golfers face from the sun's harmful rays. The Helen Kaminski Sancha cap has raffia straw threads through the crown and through silvertone grommets on the bill/visor. The Kaminski raffia seed logo is pinned on the left side. There is an elasticized sweatband. One size fits almost every lay golfer this visor/cap is available in Natural/Black and Natural/Tan.

The Walker's Petal Facesaver womens golf visor is popular with tennis players, lady golfers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts. The features include the big brim providing very good sun shade in front and on the sides. It has green glare-reducing under-brim, a terry-cloth sweatband, the attractive flower-petal crown with the functional slits to provide more sun protection than a sun visor while still allowing the head to breathe. It is made in the USA and comes in White. One-size fits all lady golfers as it has a velcro adjusting mechanism and an elastic back.

Regardless of what style the lady golfer prefers are plenty of golf caps, golf hats and womens golf visors to select from at a variety of price ranges. Womens golf visors, hats and caps are a great addition to any wardrobe and make for a little much needed variety of fashion statements on the greens.

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