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Here is an interesting fact; womens golf balls are no heavier than 1.620 ounces and no smaller than 1.620 inches.

Womens golf balls are made of several materials from titanium to surlyn and urythane to hybrid materials. The balls have several numbers of layers and each type has a name apt to how many layers it has. A single layer womens golf balls consists of a single core, and a two-piece has two layers. This is because each has a characteristic that will suit the needs of any lady player - amateur or professional.


In the mid-90s, a curious phenomenon started. The word spread that a man had won a state golf tournament using womens golf balls. It wasn’t a pink Flying Lady, but Precept's MC Lady golf ball. The ball he used was a two-piece distance ball with a low-compression core. What male golfers discovered, however, was that the low-compression core compressed quite a bit when hit with a higher swing speed. The extra compression meant more distance off the driver and more spin off the irons.


It has been scientifically proven that womens golf balls with dimples fly farther than smooth balls. That’s why today, all womens golf balls have dimples which are designed to shape and increase the lift of the ball. Most womens golf balls have between 300 and 450 dimples.


There is a range of womens golf balls to suit different golfers. Some womens golf balls are better suited to the more experienced lady player and other womens golf balls are more for those players who either play for fun.


Womens golf balls can be expensive, so there is no point in buying the most expensive balls if you are just a beginner. You’ll probably lose several golf balls on the course before you learn to hit the ball straight down the fairway.

Custom golf balls are very popular for lady golfers who want to have something personal printed on their golf balls. You can print practically everything on womens golf balls - your name, a one-liner, a company name, birthday - just about anything that you want can be printed on womens golf balls.

Custom golf balls are not recommended for play, though, because you do not know if these balls are refurbished. If they are, they will certainly affect the spin of the golf ball once hit.
Womens golf balls are made for distance, spin, softness, flight angle, and control. Every lady player needs all of those features, but some more than others. Mostly, golfers need balls that go straight. That’s why golf ball makers put so much time and research into developing a better golf ball.

The big players in womens golf balls are brands like Titleist, Callaway, Nike Golf, Bridgestone, Ben Hogan, Dunlop, Precept, and Top Flite. Callaway carries the HX Tour, HX Tour 56, HX Red and Blue, Big Bertha Red and Blue, HX Hot, and the Warbird. Titleist is reported to be the leading golf ball maker in the world with the Pro V1, NXT Tour, DT Solo, Pro V1x, and NXT.

Womens Golf Gifts


 Womens Golf Gifts