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The Right Choice In Ladies Golf Equipment 

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These days there is an amazing selection of ladies golf equipment available in golf stores and online. Prices and qualities vary, so it is important for the lady golfer to know what she wants and to shop around.

Here are some tips on buying ladies golf equipment.

A golf bag is an essential piece of ladies golf equipment. Golf bags have had a high-tech makeover in recent years. Many golf bags come with everything from graphite-friendly tops to lightweight parachute materials and club management systems. Some golf bags have adjustable dividers, ergonomic handles, clever trolley-fixing mechanisms and more. No woman wants her golf bag to be heavy, so it needs to be a lightweight piece of golf equipment.

Clubs are the most critical part of any ladies golf equipment.

Golf Club Shafts - The most flexible shafts 'L' are the ones that are generally used for ladies golf clubs. Ensure that you check that the shaft on the golf clubs is correct for your own specific requirements. The Shaft flexibility and the size of the grip can affect the swing weight and the overall weight of the golf club, so it is important to look at these.

Golf Club Grip - Check to see that the grip is the right thickness for your hands, and also that all the golf clubs in the set have the same grip.

A beginner buying ladies golf equipment would probably start with: a 3-wood, 3-iron, 5-iron, 7-iron, 9-iron, a sand wedge, and a putter. This should be enough golf equipment to start with. A golfer can always add more clubs or golf equipment as time and budget allows. As the lady golfer gains more experience she can consider other factors and options.

When it comes to buying irons, a lady golfer with slower swings should probably have a 6-iron, or 7-iron, as their longest iron club. The lady golfer might carry only a 5-iron, or perhaps a 6 iron, if she can hit the ball confidently and consistently. Many lady golfers with slower swings cannot do this. The higher number fairway woods and hybrids can replace the long irons.

Another piece of ladies golf equipment popular with many is the “hybrid club.” These can completely replace all the irons except the pitching and sand wedges. The choice of hybrids will depend on which fairway woods the lady golfer carries in her bag. The lady golfer will need to know how far her ball will fly with her highest numbered fairway wood. She can then choose her lowest numbered hybrid to fly 10-15 yards less than that.

Good golf shoes are another important piece of ladies golf equipment. Ladies will probably need at least two pair of golf shoes. Start with a heavier duty waterproof pair for winter conditions and a lightweight pair for the summer to allow the feet to breathe in the heat. For women, a pair of golf shoes is more than just another piece of ladies golf equipment; golf shoes are also a fashion accessory.

No one can play golf without golf balls, so they are another essential piece of ladies golf equipment. The right golf balls to suit the player can make a big difference the golf scorecard. Some golf balls have complex multi-layer constructions to provide more control. The simple two-layer golf balls give the distance rather than accuracy. Some ladies golf balls are designed to give a higher launch trajectory for greater overall distance. These perform best in tandem with a ladies slower swing speed.

The choice of ladies golf equipment is wide. Search online for great deals on ladies golf equipment.

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