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A Range Of Ladies Golf Club Sets On Sale

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Buying a quality ladies golf club set will allow for greater success within the game. As a general rule (there are exceptions), women have a slower swing speeds than men and need shorter a ladies golf club set and higher loft. However, some ladies have with better and stronger swings than most men. Lorena Ochoa of the LPGA tour averages about 270 yards on her tee shots.

Ladies golf club sets come in a range of choices and the club heads can be made from a wide variety of materials. The lady golfer beyond the beginner stage will probably avoid buying zinc and aluminium alloy even though the price may be less expensive. Instead she will probably buy a ladies golf club set in titanium. This is because titanium is a much harder metal, especially if it's cold-forged explaining why titanium is so popular for drivers.

Before buying a ladies golf club set the golfer needs to know her swing speed. Test this with at least a driver and preferably with both driver and 5 iron. Ladies who can swing the driver more than 70 MPH can use titanium faced drivers effectively. This category of lady golfer can take advantage of the spring effect off the titanium faced drivers. The golfer with a driver swing speed of closer to 60 MPH would need to find a special titanium face, and these are not so readily available.

Serious golfers prefer to buy a custom made ladies golf club set. A custom made ladies golf club set is usually more expensive, but usually results in a better golf score. Ladies golf sets would need to be made by a certified fitter and club maker.

Someone getting a ladies golf club set custom made should be aware of the importance of the club face loft. The slower the swing, the higher the loft is needed. For the golfer who can easily get the ball in the air, a loft of 13-14 degrees should work well for a driver. For those lady golfers who have trouble getting the ball to rise into the air, she may need to use a 16 degree 3 wood to get the most from her swing.

So, for the serious golfer, it is worth contacting a certified custom fitter and club maker and getting a ladies golf club set custom made. An ordinary readymade ladies golf club set as sold in most shops is essentially a ‘one size fits all’ set.

When buying a ladies golf club set, knowing the required swing speeds and desired length of clubs is essential for a good fit. The interesting thing is that most people, both men and women, use golf clubs that are too long, and they do not use enough loft on the driver.

For those who prefer to buy an off-the-shelf set of ladies clubs here are a couple of considerations. For those who are not in the category of short or tall should always buy standard length clubs. Standard length clubs allow players to hit the ball on center a higher percentage of the time, thus increasing distance and accuracy. Some golf shops can measure a golfers swing speed.

Another consideration; the shaft is vital as it acts as the axle. The better the shaft, the better the club is the rule when buying a set of women’s golf clubs. Remember, the shaft will flex (bend) during a golf swing, so the degree of shaft flex is very important for the feel of a club. Shaft flex does have an effect on the distance a ball goes.

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